Mea Vita "Eternity of Nothingness". Album promo-video

Synthetisch Lebensform "Initialization". Album promo-video

Peacherz of the Savage Truth - The Phoenix (official video)

Asdeandare "In the Darkness of Orbits EP". Single promo-video

Distortion Six - Weak (official video)

KryoniK Moon - Red Queen (live)

Ultimate Soldier "No Mercy EP". Single promo-video

Antilav "In My Dreams Around the World EP". Maxi-single promo-video

Vile Flesh "Dvojnost (2CD)". Album promo-video

Loveburger "Fear Store EP". Mini-album promo-video

Ultimate Soldier "Ready to Fight EP". Single promo-video

KryoniK Moon "SuperLuna". Album promo-video

Omnimar - Ego Love (official video)

Inxera Syndrome - Wake Up, Baby Doe (official video)

Segentot - Amphithymia (official video)

DreamVeil - Agressor (live)

Mea Vita - Snezhinki (Ariu Kara remix) (unofficial video by Ariu Kara)

Mea Vita - Snezhinki (live)

Anthracitic Moths - Shagom Marsh (unofficial band video)