Preacherz of the Savage Truth - The Phoenix (Remixed) (EP)

Internet-label Synth-Me is proud to present new remix release of the french project Preacherz of the Savage Truth. The project was created in the beginning of 10s in the Toulouse in France by two skilled musician friends doing cover-versions for such famous bands as The Cure, Bjork and Depeche Mode with Kevin Paul from Mute Records. In 2013 the project made a remix for the known american band How to Destroy Angels. Till now the project released 2 mini-albums, one of which was actually the soundtrack for the french movie BIZON, which will be featured at the Short Film Corner of the Cannes Film Festival 2015, and last year made a video, which could be easily called a small movie. With the track for the video were working 3 bands, which created their own view for Phoenix. The original music of the Preacherz is varying between electronic and rock genres similar to american electronic rock sound, but more experimental. In the single you can find 4 remixes. 3 of them were done by russian projects and one more did french colleagues of Preacherz. Russian made some oldschool (Synthetisch Lebensform and Ultimate Soldier) and modern (CutOff:Sky) post-industrial view on the Preacherz' music. French band Control Alt Supp made more experimental electronic remix. Release is some kind of sequel for the previous mini-album "The Phoenix", where you can find the original version of the track. And this remixed single will be released for free download on 25th of april and will be available as usually on the official website of the label and on teh Bandcamp. For now you can enjoy the maxi-video or mini-movie for the Phoenix and waiting for 25th of april. Synth it up!

01. The Phoenix (Synthetisch Lebensform remix)
02. The Phoenix (CutOff:Sky remix)
03. The Phoenix (Control Alt Supp remix)
04. ATOM (Ultimate Soldier remix)

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