Antilav - In My Dreams Around the World (EP)

Internet-label Synth-Me is starting its new season of music with russian gothic electro project Antilav and their remix maxi-single "In My Dreams Around the World". The release was preparing during the whole year and became something like the second part of the album. Projects from all the continents on the planet Earth took part in the release with their remixes and made their own view of the "In My Dreams" composition and other tracks from the album. The journey starts in european part of the planet. Belgian project Signal Aout 42 made EBM-remix in the best traditions of the genre. Colleagues from Germany Absurd Minds with futurepop, Desastroes with dark electro and Stahlschlag with rhythmic noise remixes continued the genre transforamations of "In My Dreams". Mirrors of Mind from Lithuania made melancholic synth-goth view of other track from the album. As the russian projects PerfectHate, Bess known by her work in Mangust and trance-industrial project Moon Gates Project. Than our journey is moving to the american continents with canadian electro-industrial DYM and electro industrial from USA Concept Negative. The South American ritual ambient project Terr?ncantat from Argentina made the surprise in its medieval remix. Chinese techno-industrial musician Zaliva-D created totally different sound of "In My Dreams". The South African electro-industrial formation Winter Soul from african continent exploded the brains with the beats. Australian techno-project Delphic Karma and New Zealand happy hardcore/house DJ Komix made their view on "In My Dreams" in mainstream electronic scene. So you have to sit down, put the headphones on, close your eyes and start the journey all over the world. And of course we want to say huge thanks to all the musicians, who took part in this project. We appreciate this a lot and will be glad to cooperate in future again. Synth ur life!

01. In My Dreams (Desastroes remix)
02. In My Dreams (Absurd Minds remix)
03. In My Dreams (Terr?ncantat remix)
04. In My Dreams (remixed by Signal Aout 42)
05. Not a Goth (ratz tanz remix by Bess)
06. Basic Instinct (PerfectHate remix)
07. In My Dreams (Stahlschlag remix)
08. In My Dreams (Zaliva-D remix)
09. In My Dreams (Komix remix) (radio edit)
10. Not a Goth (remixed by Concept Negative)
11. In My Dreams (DYM remix)
12. In My Dreams (Winter Soul remix)
13. Not a Goth (Mirrors of Mind remix)
14. Not a Goth (sacred mixxx by Moon Gates Project)
15. In My Dreams (Delphic Karma remix)

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