Vile Flesh - Dvojnost (2CD)

Internet-label Synth-Me presents new double album of the russian experimental project Vile Flesh. Nowadays the project consists of two members, who are projecting their thoughts and ideas in different soundscapes and post-industrial genres, but was created in the year 2012. Enveloping dark ambient turnes into mystic middle tempo rhythmic noise and running through it to experimental IDM. New release consists of totally new material and unreleased album. Original style of musicmaking and a wish to experimentilize are making Vile Flesh a some kind of unique project on modern russian post-industrial scene. Synth ur life!

01. The New S
02. C On Fession
03. Bond Age
04. Child Hood Machine
05. Suff Ing
06. Sub Mission
07. The F-Eel
08. Dis Solution
09. Murm Aid
10. P And A
11. (S-M)adness
12. Ex Or Cism
13. Dom In'Ation
14. St Op

01. In-Dust Rial
02. Sha Man(iac)
03. Dis May
04. Re Ligion
05. T-Rain
06. In Dian Art-Illery
07. Ab And Oned
08. Poly Ticks
09. Che Lovek
10. W-All
11. Dao De Zen

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