Antilav - Antilav

In the end the year 2013 russian internet-label Synth-Me and moscow-based project Antilav will make teh new year present for their music lovers. On the 29th of december the debut album of Antilav will be released. The project was created in 2010 by Ivan, who was participated earlier in gothic rock project Spaun. Antilav started to play gothic electronic music and was compared to BlutEngel, but russians have their own peculiar features. On the debut album the music lovers will be able to listen to all the recorded tracks till now. It will be melodic annd dancable gothic electro with amazing female voice of Elena and distorted vocals by Ivan. Dive into the world of Antilav with their debut album. Synth ur life!

01. Antilav
02. I'll be Waiting
03. In My Dreams
04. Basic Instinct
05. I Don't Wanna Take Apart
06. Meeting Autumn
07. Call to Mind
08. Not a Goth
09. Desparation