Mangust - No Room For Error

Label Synth-Me presents the debut album of the project Mangust, named ''No Room for Error''. Project was founded by Olga B. in the year 2012. She is known by the collaboration with the project C-Lekktor not only in Russia. Inspired by the space theme Olga is dreaming about the endless universe and unknown worlds, advising to the listeners to dive into eclectic electronic mix for the abstract electronics' fans.

01. I Am Thou
02. Highway To Nowhere
03. Go For U (From Future)
04. Back To Orion
05. Alone In The City
06. Black Feather
07. Send Me A Postcard (Shocking Blue Slowmotion Cover)
08. Los Perros Del Espacio
09. Sleepless (Weyland Lullaby)
10. So Hard, So Simple (Breathing Next To You)
11. Hope Is Eternal
12. Ping The Galaxy