Reiz - Snow-Covered Sun (2CD)

Russian net-label Synth-me is proud to present the debut album of the russian project Reiz "Snow-Covered Sun", which includes all the deepest thoughts of its creator - Alexander Verzicht. The release consists of 2 CDs with a mount of powerful electro-industrial tracks and produces to the listeners genres' mixing in different languages. The first CD is the original material and the second is filled with the different collaborations with projects from all over the world. Don't be lazy and download the new album of Reiz and you won't regret.

CD 1
01. Intro: Cardiograms
02. In Silence
03. Mortuus in Anima
04. Oxygene
05. Hakenkreuz (album version)
06. Snow-Covered Sun
07. Psalm Zero
08. Both Sides Of Me (feat. FRZ)
09. Incrustations
10. Drops of Rain
11. Mythology
12. Undone (feat. Miriam Miles)

CD 2
01. Intro: Mechanism of Fate
02. Hakenkreuz (remix by Nerva Tremo)
03. Both Sides of Me (remix by Nosense)
04. Drops Of Rain (remix by Nitemare Machine)
05. Snow-Covered Sun (remix by Advent Resilience)
06. Hakenkreuz (hard version feat. Arkhitektonika)
07. Psalm Zero (remix by Detuned Destruction)
08. Drops of Rain (remix by Vhelena Project)
09. Mortuus in Anima (hard version)
10. Psalm Zero (remix by Meine Liebe)
11. Hakenkreuz (remix by Nosense)
12. In Silence (remix by Darkrad)