Inxera Syndrome - Odd-Man Hypothesis

The first release of the year 2013 will be the new work of the ukrainian talented artist Victor Hornetz. In 2012 he presented the dancable TBM-bomb "Halodevourer" of his other project Segentot. This time Victor will lead you to the dark backstreets of Inxera Syndrome. The full-length album "Odd-Man Hypothesis" is filled with complex interlacements of genres and will be real gift for all the lovers of electro-industrial music. Synth ur life!

01. 7xN Billion Problems
02. Return Void
03. Where is My Human Being
04. Reversed Summer
05. Odd-Man Hypothesis
06. Wake Up, Baby Doe (album version)
07. Observer
08. Eat Vegans
09. Khome Party
10. Vessel-Absorber
11. Splash
12. I Wish I Could Be Empty (album version)