Vigilante - Revolution Is Now

The new release of the Synth-Me label is from chilean monsters of aggro-industrual music Vigilante "Revolution is Now". The project is well-known to the fans of guitar post-industrial music by the albums and powerful material since the year 2005. The new release is the result of collaborations between different popular and underground musicians and projects from the post USSR territory, Europe and USA. This compilation of the new exclusive remixes is released during the same titled earopean tour. Synth ur life!

01. New Order (Child from the Crypt rmx)
02. New World (Aktivehate rmx)
03. One Good Reason (Ultimate Soldier rmx)
04. The New Order (mono mix by Carphax Files)
05. Hardcore (rmx by Perfect Symmetry)
06. One Good Reason (chile steel module mix by Impact Pulse)
07. The New World (Diezel Xzaust rmx)
08. The New World (Totten Mechanismus rmx)
09. Hardcore (vocoder rage mix by Bleak Freak)
10. Still Alive (Red-Line rmx)
11. The New Resistance (Dazzling Malicious rmx)
12. Still Alive (Anthracitic Moths rmx)
13. Hardcore (Tatlum rmx)
14. The New Order (Type V Blood rmx)
15. Hardcore (Terminal Zero rmx)