DreamVeil - Agressor (EP)

The Label Synth-Me welcome new release to dark stage fans by the famous russian band DreamVeil witch created in 2007 and have many changes for this moment, both in composition and in the sound. They haven't been shy about stylistic restrictions witch they never have, that's why every new creation may have extraordinary style from the guitar rage's rhythms to electro-raves sound.
The "Agressor" is new single witch every fans waiting for along time. Recording took place at the studio Sonic Grenade under the control of the sound-producer Artem Gudkov. Especially for this release is a remix version of his prepared our colleagues: Roman Rain, Sector 516 and Ind.-s. Synth ur life!

01. Agressor (single edit)
02. Agressor (old school industrial dance by Roman Rain)
03. Illuzornaya Mechta (studio-drums version 2012)
04. Illuzornaya Mechta (mix by Sector 516)
05. Illuzornaya Mechta (remix by Ind.-s)
06. Outro (Agressor)