Anthracitic Moths - Zwoelf

Label Synth-Me presents a new album of remixes "Zwoelf" of electro-industrial formation Anthracitic Moths. Launched in 2008 the progect managed to find its niche on domestic dark scene. In 2011 Anthracitic Moths made itself known by its debut album "Delicate Devil". Today guys want their listeners to appreciate their efforts together with other dark projects. The release is opened with the original version of the track "Biomass" with its recognizable sound. The block of remixes includes collaborations in various styles done by different projects of post-industrial scene. The versions are presented by Wormz, RSM, Pray Project, Virgin Fix and Diezel Xzaust, Zweifelhaft, Sleetgrout, Tatlum, Cutoff:Sky, DJ Rentgen, Distorted World and Dioxin. The final composition Zwoelf crowns the album. Synth ur life!

01. Biomass (original version)
02. Shagom Marsh (Wormz 100% reload)
03. Biomass (refixed by Virgin Fix & Diezel Xzaust)
04. Shagom Marsh (Dioxin mix)
05. Biomass (Zweifelhaft mix)
06. Shagom Marsh (Pray Project dub tune mix)
07. Biomass (remixed by Cutoff:Sky)
08. Shagom Marsh (DJ Rentgen Exp. mix)
09. Biomass (remix by Tatlum)
10. Shagom Marsh (Sleetgrout mix)
11. Biomass (RSM mix)
12. Shagom Marsh (Distorted World sympho remix)
13. Zwoelf

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