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Heat Saving Systems

The owners of modern buildings and shopping areas are actively using air curtains. Air curtain systemusing permit to owner of business use the energy for space heating reasonably. The using of air curtains in living areas and industrial buildings allows owners to save on paying for the use of electricity. Heat Saving Systems manufactures the best products. There are many helpful functions and various sizes of air curtains for special purpose. Small size of air curtain is used for one window or single door and is controlled by a door sensor.Wet areas can be used for setup air curtain unit. The rules provide the installation in such premises. However, wet conditions are not suitable for installation of the control panel of air curtain unit. It needs separate dry room. All types of air curtains for sale calculated in accordance with the type of your premises, helping customers to save on utility costs and payments, maintain a comfortable environment indoors during the year and in any climatic conditions. Air curtain manufacturers use innovative technology for their products had long life cycles. They make standard units with attractive appearance, which fit well in the room, do not spoil the interior and are suitable for all types of premises. Our website helps you to decide and choose our products quickly. Site navigation help you find detailed technical characteristics of each type of air curtains and air curtain units, to find a model with suitable characteristics and dimensions. You have a possibility to download the product catalog to your computer and have it on hand always, even if there is not Internet. On the website is given a free phone number. Our staff will help you find a suitable air curtain and explain in detail all technical features. Our suppliers of air curtains ensure timely delivery of equipment. With our equipment you will be delivered all the required documents with all signatures and seals. The cost of air curtains determined by many indicators: availability of many functions, size of air curtains, installation of system, technical specifications, the materials, the delivery terms of our products. More detailed information you can find ....

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