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10 July 2012
Label Synth-Me and portal introduce the debut album "Influenza" of Russian electroindustrial project Dukstrab. This project was launched by DJ Adept having realized some tracks do not correspond to the core concept of his main group Anthracitic Moths. Due to severe mechanical beats, psychedelic melodies and brave improvisations in styles, Dukstrab's taking part in several compilations and participation in thematic parties arouse lively interest of the audience.
"Influenza" combines dancing and marching rhythms capturing your body with sophisticated tunes taking possession of your mind. Release also contains remixes by P01Z0N (Belarus) and DeZtructor.

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06 July 2012
Label Synth-Me presents the single of known lithuanian synh-goth project Mirrors of Mind called "Dellamorte Dellamore (Meat Edition)". The band existing and making electronic music on gothic scene since 2010. Female vocals combining with melodic music and dramatic lyrics are peculiar features of the lithuanians.
But now forget all that you heard before! Except the original track this release contains two aggressive "meat" thrillers from powerful russian projects Virgin Fix & Diezel Xzaust and Freaky Mind. If you wanted to hear some romantic singing and tragic depressive emotions, this single is not for you. After listening to the meat edition of Dellamorte Dellamore your brain won't be alive anymore.
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23 July 2012
The new release of the Synth-Me label is from chilean monsters of aggro-industrual music Vigilante "Revolution is Now". The project is well-known to the fans of guitar post-industrial music by the albums and powerful material since the year 2005.
The new release is the result of collaborations between different popular and underground musicians and projects from the post USSR territory, Europe and USA. This compilation of the new exclusive remixes is released during the same titled earopean tour.

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24 June 2012
The Label Synth-Me welcome new release to dark stage fans by the famous russian band DreamVeil witch created in 2007 and have many changes for this moment, both in composition and in the sound. They haven't been shy about stylistic restrictions witch they never have, that's why every new creation may have extraordinary style from the guitar rage's rhythms to electro-raves sound.
The "Agressor" is new single witch every fans waiting for along time. Recording took place at the studio Sonic Grenade under the control of the sound-producer Artem Gudkov. Especially for this release is a remix version of his prepared our colleagues: Roman Rain, Sector 516 and Ind.-s.

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